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The current 6th - 11th grade sequence for History and Social Science is as follows: 6th - World Geography and Ancient History, 7th - World Religion, Philosophy and Government, 8th - Civics, 9th - World History, 1880-present, 10th - Critical Issues in United States History, 11th - Choose from one of thirty electives.

In grade 9 students will take World History, 1880-present. This course is offered at the Honors level only. In grade 10 students will take Earned Honors Critical Issues in US History; this course is required for graduation. In grade 11, students choose at least one History or Social Science elective to meet the basic graduation requirements. Many colleges and universities require students to earn 4 units of History and Social Science as an entrance requirement, so seniors are encouraged to take another history elective or explore other areas of the social sciences.

Throughout this catalog, you will note that some elective courses are designed with CIV.  This indicates that the course includes a student-led, non-partisan civic engagement project.  In accordance with state law, all high school students should complete such a project prior to graduation.

Course # Designation Title Credits  
H202 World History Honors 10.0 Details
H290 Critical Issues in United States History 10.0 Details
H402 Asian American Experiences Honors 10.0 Details
H406 Sociology Honors 10.0 Details
H407 Criminal Justice 10.0 Details
H409 African-American History 10.0 Details
H410 Constitutional Law Honors 10.0 Details
H415 Leadership and Community Action STARs 10.0 Details
H419 Black American Experience 10.0 Details
H422 Modern Global Conflicts Honors 10.0 Details
H423 Intro to Economics: Thinking Like An Economist Honors 10.0 Details
H430 Social Documentary Photography, History & Civic Agency 10.0 Details
H432 Dynamics of the Modern Middle East Honors 10.0 Details
H440 Global Studies Certificate Honors 10.0 Details
H450 History of Sports in American Society Honors 10.0 Details
H455 History through the Headlines Honors 10.0 Details
H470 Modern Latin American History Honors 10.0 Details
H475 Urban History and Policy Honors 10.0 Details
H485 Modern US History 10.0 Details
H495 Women and Gender Studies Honors 10.0 Details
H501 AP African American Studies 10.0 Details
H504 AP World History: Modern 10.0 Details
H506 AP Comparative Government and Politics 10.0 Details
H507 AP Psychology 10.0 Details
H510 AP U.S. Government & Politics 10.0 Details
H511 AP Macroeconomics 10.0 Details
H531 AP U.S. History 10.0 Details

Alternate Credit Courses for this Department
Course # Designation Title Credits  
S421 Science and Ethics 10.0 Details
HA935 Art Activism 10.0 Details
D955 Drama 2: Acting through History 10.0 Details
D863 Film Studies: From Inception to Modern Cinema 10.0 Details
L525 History & Culture - Spanish & Latin American Film 10.0 Details
ZLH01 CSWRK 1150 FYS Prison Stories 10.0 Details
S421 Science and Ethics 10.0 Details
ZLH02 CPSYC 1101 Intro to Psychology 10.0 Details
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Tanya Earls Milner
Dean of History and Social Science Curriculum and Program

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