H440 | Global Studies Certificate Honors

Course Description

The Global Studies Certificate Senior Seminar is a course designed for seniors in the Global Studies Certificate Program. The GSC Program promotes engagement in global studies through an emphasis on investigating the world, weighing perspectives, communicating ideas, taking action, and applying disciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise in authentic ways. This course seeks to put those skills into practice and will be divided into two parts. During the first part, students will develop a deeper understanding of three global issues by working individually and in groups to synthesize information from multiple sources, develop their own perspectives, and design and deliver their findings. During the second part of the course, students will use the research and global education skills they developed to design their capstone project and complete their GSC portfolio. Ultimately, the course aims to equip students with the skills to raise globally significant questions and research and analyze information with accuracy and precision in order to craft and communicate evidence-based findings and arguments about globally significant issues.
State ID#: 04061
Department: History and Social Science
Grade Level:12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits:
Class Type: CORE Academic
Pre/Co-Requisites: World History, Critical Issues in US History and approval into the GSC Program.

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