L525 | History & Culture - Spanish & Latin American Film

Course Description

The aim of this course is to expand the students' language skills focusing on a review of Spanish syntax, through the analysis of Caribbean, Latin American and Spanish film productions. This course will provide an introduction to the cinema of Spain, the Caribbean and Spanish America. Films from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Spain, Puerto Rico and other countries will be included in the course. Additionally, this course will support the advancement of students' linguistic and cultural competence through community engagement and the arts. While students are exposed to films and become familiarized with specific colloquialism and cultural aspects of each country, they will study, among other topics: the idiosyncrasies of film language in Hispanic cultures, the relationships between text and image, music, representation of history, social movements, culture and society. Students will engage in weekly readings, research, and lively discussions on reality as seen through film and participate in a film festival and other community events. Students must have advanced Spanish proficiency or passed the equivalent of HN Spanish V. Students are encouraged to take AP Language and AP Literature first as prerequisites but it is not mandatory.
State ID#: 06105
Department: World Languages
Grade Level:10, 11, 12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits: History and Social Science
Class Type: CORE Academic
Pre/Co-Requisites: Spanish 5, or AP Spanish.

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