D955 | Drama 2: Acting through History

Course Description

Drama 2 is a workshop-based course for students who wish to further develop their acting skills. Building on the fundamentals taught in Drama 1. We will explore plays from world literature in order to better understand the historical context in which theater was created and how acting evolved over time. Class projects will emphasize historical research, character analysis and interpretation through improvisation and scene study. Students must have a high level of motivation and should be able to work independently on class assignments. Coursework is highly collaborative, with an emphasis on text analysis, character development, physicality, and voice.
State ID#: 05055
Department: Visual and Performing Arts
Grade Level:09, 10, 11, 12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits: History and Social Science
Class Type: Elective
Pre/Co-Requisites: Drama 1, or permission from the drama department. 9th graders must have first completed Drama 1 in the first semester.

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