S421 | Science and Ethics

Course Description

We live in a fast paced, high tech, ever increasing digital age. Science has allowed us to do more than most could have imagined a generation ago. Your generation has the huge responsibility to decide what we SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do with the advancements. In this course, we will examine current, noteworthy scientific developments and ask ourselves if the developments create social , moral, and philosophic dilemmas. Much of the course topics will be student driven, but some example questions are: Who should have access to your DNA? Should we be allowed to edit the human germline? Would the DNA of three people be allowed to be merged to create one baby? (The UK said yes!) Who is responsible for new antibiotic development even if it isn't a money maker? How do we make sure medical devices like pacemakers are secure from computer hackers? From guns to organs, how should we utilize 3D printing? Remote warfare: what are the implications? Climate change preparation: will all be able to face the threat equally? Students will be expected to participate in discussion daily, facilitate socratic seminars and read 12th grade level text.
State ID#: 03063
Department: Science
Grade Level:11, 12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits: History and Social Science, History and Social Science
Class Type: Core Academic
Pre/Co-Requisites: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Biology may be taken out of sequence with the permission of the instructor.

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