H415 | Leadership and Community Action STARs

Course Description

The STARs course is designed to provide students with a comfortable arena to discuss, debate and honestly confront contemporary issues affecting their lives. Topics include cultural diversity, global awareness, healthy relationships, personal identity, school and community culture and climate, stereotyping, substance use, teen violence and teen wellness. Students will receive leadership and issues training opportunities so that they can work as peer educators in the high school and the elementary and upper schools. As a part of this class, students will learn the skills to create and implement a unique project that shows their understanding of the course content and highlights their interests and ideas. In addition to their work in classrooms, the STARs conduct awareness campaigns and host, organize, and design school wide assemblies and conferences. As members of the STARs program, students are expected to uphold the school motto and reinforce attitudes and behaviors that promote awareness, equity and student engagement. 

State ID#: 22101
Department: History and Social Science
Grade Level:11, 12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits: Wellness (Health and Physical Education)
Pre/Co-Requisites: Critical Issues in US History or AP US History.

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Class of 2025 Gr. 11 Course Selection is Monday, February 26, 2024 through Sunday March 3rd