H455 | History through the Headlines Honors

Course Description

History is most powerful when it is used to explain the present. Departing from traditional practice, this course will explore the historical roots of current events. Rather than looking forward, as is customary, this class gazes backwards. By historicizing the news, students will be able to: Develop nuanced critical thinking and reading skills; Pursue research on subjects that feel personally relevant and urgent; Write academic and journalistic prose; Debate and discuss pressing social, political, cultural, and economic issues; Practice civic engagement and active citizenship; and Engage with scholarly and mainstream news sources from a variety of mediums and political perspectives.
State ID#: 04109
Department: History and Social Science
Grade Level:11, 12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits:
Class Type: CORE Academic
Pre/Co-Requisites: Critical Issues in US History or AP US History.

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Class of 2025 Gr. 11 Course Selection is Monday, February 26, 2024 through Sunday March 3rd