H202 | World History Honors

Course Description

World History Honors is an inclusive and culturally responsive course offered to all 9th graders at CRLS. Key questions that guide the course are connected to what causes conflicts between groups and nations and when, if ever, is violence justified. The course begins with a study of the causes and consequences of imperialism by examining case studies in Africa and Asia. Students will then explore significant military and economic events of the past century including World War I, the Interwar period, and World War II. Lastly, students will analyze the impact and legacies of the Cold War on nations around the world. Throughout the course, students will collaborate in inclusive and respectful ways, and will develop critical thinking skills to challenge assumptions and make connections between today and the past.
State ID#: 04051
Department: History and Social Science
Grade Level:9
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits:
Class Type: Required
Pre/Co-Requisites: None.

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