H506 | AP Comparative Government and Politics

Course Description

AP Comparative Government and Politics explores important themes and concepts in comparative government through the lens of six core countries: the United Kingdom, Mexico, Nigeria, Iran, Russia, and China. Students will engage in thoughtful cross-country comparison as we explore each case study. This course emphasizes the diversity of political life around the world and the challenges and opportunities facing states in the 21st Century. As a college-level course, there are considerable expectations of students in terms of rigor, quality, and dedication to their work. Students taking this course are strongly encouraged to take the AP exam in May.
State ID#: 04158
Department: History and Social Science
Grade Level:11, 12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits:
Class Type: CORE Academic
Pre/Co-Requisites: Critical Issues in US History or AP US History.

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Class of 2025 Gr. 11 Course Selection is Monday, February 26, 2024 through Sunday March 3rd