D863 | Film Studies: From Inception to Modern Cinema

Course Description

Film Studies will introduce the art, technology, language, cultural influences, and appreciation of film, exploring history and genres of American Cinema from its inception to modern cinema. Students will learn about the basic cinematic design aspects and how they evolved from silent films to the (almost the) present. The class will analyze the fundamentals of film production, directing, acting, cinematography, editing etc…; how the elements of the production process are analyzed separately, then brought together to show how they create the emotional and intellectual impact of the film experience. Students will also look at how cinema changes both technically, historically, and culturally. Films will be screened both inside and outside of class. This class also has a research element (both in technique & historical influence), critiques, and movie reviews. All to help support the curriculum.

State ID#: 05099
Department: Visual and Performing Arts
Grade Level:10, 11, 12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits: History and Social Science
Class Type: Elective
Pre/Co-Requisites: None

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