H419 | Black American Experience

Course Description

This course will examine the study of Black Americans from a thematic approach. Four units will be addressed. The course begins with an examination of Black culture. Students will begin to think about: What defines Black culture? How has Black culture been shaped by external factors? How has it influenced the wider culture? Students will study speeches and written work that address issues of race, oppression and perseverance. The second unit explores Black Music over time stemming from Slave Work Songs to Hip Hop culture. Students will analyze and research the origin of the music and its impact. The third unit will analyze Race, Reform and the Civil Rights movement during the 1950s-70s from the South to the North. The third unit will emphasize black political and social leadership from the Civil Rights Movement to today's movements such as Black Lives Matter. Students will evaluate how Black leadership has changed over time. Students will also examine changes taking place in South Boston, MA in relation to mandated busing and the reaction. The final unit focuses on Blacks in Media. Students will compare and contrast the roles Blacks play in various television programs and films. The course will culminate with an independent project.
State ID#: 04107
Department: History and Social Science
Grade Level:11, 12
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits:
Class Type: CORE Academic
Honors Type: This is an Earned Honors Course.
Pre/Co-Requisites: Critical Issues in US History or AP US History.

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