Department Description
Science courses are designed to produce an organized sequence of experiences to help students to develop the ability:

  • To distinguish between scientific evidence and personal opinion by inquiry and questioning;
  • To recognize the role of observation and experimentation;
  • To understand scientific theories;
  • To gather information through laboratory, field trips, and library work;
  • To understand, in some depth, the unifying themes of life and physical sciences.
Physics is the first course in a coherent order of science courses, taught conceptually and using the math of 8th and 9th grades and at the honors level only; chemistry is the second course, building on the knowledge of atomic structure to study the structures and properties of matter, and chemical reactions. Modern molecular-based biology is the third course in this hierarchy of science courses. In this sequence, physics concepts and topics underlie chemistry, and physics and chemistry support modern biology.

CRLS requires successful completion of three specific science courses for graduation: S102 Honors Physics, S201/S202 Chemistry, and S301/S302 Biology. If a student fails physics, chemistry or biology, he/she must repeat the course until successfully completed. A student may enroll in a required science course and an upper level science course at the same time with permission of instructors. S400 level courses are advanced science courses that assume students have solid foundations in physics, chemistry and biology. The course expectations reflect this advanced content.

Beginning with the class of 2010, all Massachusetts students must pass a Science MCAS exam in order to graduate from high school.

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Course # Designation Title Credits  
S102 HN Physics 10 Details
S201 Chemistry 10 Details
S202 HN Chemistry 10 Details
S301 Biology 10 Details
S302 HN Biology 10 Details
S403 Astronomy 10 Details
S404 HN Opt Contemporary Application of Genetics 10 Details
S405 GSC Ecology 10 Details
S406 GSC Epidemiology 10 Details
S407 Honors Earned Human Anatomy & Physiology 10 Details
S408 GSC Marine Biology 10 Details
S409 Forensics 10 Details
S410 Marine Science Internship(Academic Internship) 10 Details
S411 Organic Chemistry 10 Details
S415 Science & Engineering Research(Academic Internship) 10 Details
S416 Honors Earned Exercise Physiology 10 Details
S418 Oceanography 10.0 Details
S419 HN Opt Zoology 10 Details
S421 GSC Ethics and Sciences 10 Details
S422 Food Chemistry 10 Details
S423 GSC Becoming Da Vinci - The Integration of Arts and Science 10 Details
S425 Honors Earned Brain & Behavior 10 Details
S435 Honors Earned Food, Farming, & Our Planet 10 Details
S501 AP Biology 20 Details
S502 AP Chemistry 20 Details
S503A AP Physics C: Mechanics (Semester 1 of AP Physics C) 10 Details
S503B AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism(Semester 2 of AP Physics C) 10 Details
S504A AP Physics 1 10 Details
S504B AP Physics 2 10 Details
S510 AP Environmental Science 10 Details

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A CRLS student applies a variety of technologies to build and convey understanding.

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