02/11/2021 | 07:00 pm

Graham and Parks Steering Committee Meeting

February 11th, 2021 Agenda

7:00 – 8:00pm (via Zoom)


1. Meeting Convened                                                             7:00 pm


2.  Introductions and Approval of Prior Minutes         7:00-7:05 pm

(Include a statement about private messaging Lauren, Katie or Kris with comments or questions if people prefer to have thoughts brought up anonymously for discussion.)


3.  Principal’s Report                                                           7:05-7:15 pm

                  a. Staffing/Professional Development Updates

                  b. Facilities Updates

                  c. In-person Learning Update

        In-person expansion, 4th/5th grade models

                  d. Remote Learning Update

   Goal: Keep the SC informed of school issues and happenings.

   Outcome: Update the community.


4. Family Engagement Update                                         7:15-7:20 pm    

   Goal: Discuss teacher meetings with Melinda Barbosa, upcoming ones w/families

   Outcome: Keep the SC informed of Family Engagement efforts.


5. Black History Month at G&P                                        7:20-7:25 pm

   Goal: Discuss now G&P is honoring Black History Month with students

   Outcome: Update the community.


6. G&P Budget planning collaborative exercise        7:25-7:55 pm

   Goal: Discuss and brainstorm budget usage ideas for G&P and the district

   Outcome: Gather G&P community feedback to provide to the district.


7.  New Business/Community Feedback                     7:55-8:00 pm


8.  Meeting Adjourned                                                        8:00 pm