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04/05/2022 Adopted

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That Superintendent's Recommendation #22-52, Grant Award, be adopted as follows: that the School Committee accept and approve the grant award below in the amount and for the period indicated:

FY22 Early College Support Grant INCREASE, for the period of January 4, 2022 to June 30, 2022 in the increased amount of $7,350.00. Grant SC22831.

Description: The increase will be used for textbooks for the fall, Early College T-shirts, program coordinator at Lesley University, and stipends for social media content. Original text: This grant will support the planning process to complete the district's application for the MA Early College Program Designation. The costs will include stipends for CRLS to work with the Early College coordinator and a consultant to complete the district's Plan B application, including planning for internship opportunities, on-ramping programs, and accessibilities plans. The grant will also fund Early College promotional materials and events.