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08/03/2021 Adopted

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That Superintendent's Recommendation #21-249, Grant Award, be adopted as follows: that the School Committee accept and approve the grant award below in the amount and for the period indicated:

FY22 ESSER II, for the period of July 9, 2021 to June 30, 2022 in the amount of $3,550,876.00. Grant SC22200.

Description: This grant will be used to support implementation of the District's Recover and Thrive Initiative as we provide a wide array of educational services that will support the successful transition of our students back into in-person learning in classrooms. Services will include those of one additional interventionist (math or ELA) and one additional paraprofessional at each elementary school (24 FTEs); 3 special educators (3 FTEs); 3 elementary health teachers (3 FTEs); a high school SEL coach (1 FTE), a district SEL coordinator (1 FTE), and an Early College Program Manager (.8 FTE), for a total of 32.8 FTEs, plus benefits.

This grant will also provide stipends of all staff for an additional mandatory 15 hours of Professional Development ($570,000); stipends for strategic after-school tutoring for grades 9-12 ($55,000) and stipends for afterschool, vacation camp, and Saturday programs for grades K-8 ($132,064 in stipends, $9,600 in supplies). The grant will also support Tutoring by community partners ($20,000), provision of support for high school students in higher level mathematics ($75,000) and rental of additional office space for the Office of Students Services ($125,000).