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10/20/2020 Adopted

Recommendation Information

That the Superintendents' Recommendation #20-264, Grant Award, be adopted as follows: that the School Committee accept and approve the grant award below in the amount and for the period indicated:

Occupational Education Vocational Skills, for the period September 29, 2020 to August31, 2021 in the amount of $87,068.00 Project/Grant SC21606.

Description: The Perkins grant will be used to purchase equipment and supplies for student use in the RSTA carpentry program for new units in Construction site and Workplace Learning (WPL) and for sophisticated computer hardware and software used in WPL in Graphic Design, CAD, Computer Science, and Engineering programs. In addition, funds will support contracts for professional development workshops as well as stipends for an Internship Coordinator to research & secure internships and other employment placements and Workplace Learning opportunities in and around Cambridge in high-wage, high demand careers.