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01/21/2020 Adopted

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That Superintendent's Recommendation #20-10, Grant Award be adopted as follows: that the School Committee accept and approve the FY20 Massachusetts Cultural Council – STARRS (SC20894) grant award in the amount and for the period indicated:

FY20 Massachusetts Cultural Council – STARRS Grant for the period February 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020, in the amount of $17,600.00.Project/Grant SC20894.

Description:This year the MCC grants will support residency cultural series at the Amigos School ($5,000 for a Bilingual Latin Dance Program with MetaMovements Latin Dance Company); Cambridgeport ($5,000 for a theatre residency with Central Square Theater for third graders to write and perform a play about the American Revolution); John M. Tobin School ($4,700 for a music and movement residency), Martin Luther King Jr. School ($1,800 for students to create original shadow stories that address themes of fairness with Puppet Showplace Theater); and Haggerty School ($1,100 for a Haiku residency).