<p>WHEREAS: Like many calls for help from scientist citizens throughout our nation’s history, the members of the Health, Safety, and Facilities Working Group, Cambridge residents, and CPS parents from many disciplines, including epidemiology, materials science, psychology, public health, biology, special education, and more, willingly, and expertly advised CPS, beginning in the spring of 2020, on all facets of navigating the COVID pandemic and prioritizing the health safety of our students and staff, and; </p><p> </p><p>WHEREAS: The CPS Community expresses an enormous debt of gratitude to:</p><ul><li><strong>Dr. Martin Aryee</strong>, <i>Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Institute, Broad Institute of Harvard, and MIT & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>Anita Barando RN,</strong> <i>School Health Nurse Manager</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Bradley Bernstein,</strong><i>Massachusetts General Hospital, Broad Institute & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>Daniel Coplon-Newfield</strong>, <i>Principal Vassal Lane Upper School</i></li><li><strong>MaryElizabeth Cranton</strong>,  <i>Math Interventionist at CSUS, CEA Executive Board & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Jill Crittenden</strong>,  <i>MIT; COVID-19 Cambridge Expert Advisory Panel; N95Decon.org & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Lisa Dobberteen,</strong><i>Medical Director, School Health and Public Health Programs, Cambridge Public Health Department</i></li><li><strong>Christine Gerber</strong>, <i>Principal Kennedy-Longfellow School</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Michelle Holmes,</strong> <i>Associate professor of Epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Helen Jenkins,</strong> <i>BU School of Public Health & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>Margaret Jeram</strong>, <i>Grade 5 Teacher, Morse School, and CEA Health & Safety Committee</i></li><li><strong>Joanne Johnson,</strong> <i>CPS Operations Assistant</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Alisa Kahn,</strong> <i>Pediatric Hospitalist, Boston Children’s Hospital, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>Vedad Konjic,</strong> <i>CPS Director of Facilities</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Jamie Lichtenstein</strong>,  <i>Emerson College & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Keith Marzilli Ericson</strong><i>,  BU Questrom School of Business & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>James Maloney</strong>, <i>CPS Chief Operating Officer</i></li><li><strong>William McDonald</strong>, <i>CRLS Science Teacher; CEA Vice President</i></li><li><strong>Dan Monahan,</strong> <i>President Cambridge Educators’ Association</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Lyndsay Pinkus-Brown</strong>, <i>CPS Chief Strategy Officer</i></li><li><strong>Rosalie Rippey</strong>, <i>Writing Consultant & CPS Caregiver</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Kenneth Salim,</strong> <i>CPS Superintendent</i></li><li><strong>Tracey Rose-Tynes,</strong>  <i>Associate Chief, Clinical Services; Nurse Manager, School Health Services</i></li><li><strong>Mackenzie Shubert RN</strong>, <i>School Health Nurse Manager</i></li><li><strong>Dr. Carolyn L. Turk</strong>, <i>CPS Deputy Superintendent</i></li><li><strong>Ena Valenzuela,</strong> <i>Cambridge Special Education Parent Advisory Council Board Member & CPS Caregiver</i></li></ul><p>and;</p><p>WHEREAS: These members generously offered their professional expertise and valuable time, endlessly reviewing drafts, researching topics, and developing the  Covid-19 Safety & Facilities Manual, a living document that was continuously revised as the pandemic evolved and;</p><p> </p><p>WHEREAS: There was no topic they were afraid to tackle! and;</p><p><br>WHEREAS: Policies were updated in real-time in response to changing conditions and adjusted guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and;</p><p> </p><p>WHEREAS: The panel met as often as needed and convened by email when immediate assistance was necessary and; </p><p>WHEREAS: The meetings were expertly facilitated by Deputy Superintendent Dr. Carolyn Turk, whose vast institutional knowledge and steady hand were both essential in keeping the group well-informed and always on task, and;</p><p>WHEREAS: Dr. Joseph Allen, Associate Professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Director of the Harvard Healthy Buildings Program provided practical advice on how to reach healthy air exchange levels within our buildings in an efficient manner, which was a critical part of being able to return to in-person learning in the autumn of 2020, and;</p><p>WHEREAS: Former Chief Operations Officer, Mr. James Maloney, who, prior to his retirement in the summer of 2022, with guidance from the Working Group and his firm resolve, facilitated students returning to in-person learning safely. His forethought in purchasing thousands of adult and children’s masks has kept us to this day, well-supplied with masks. He was ably assisted by Joanne Johnson, who launched the coordination of expert supply chain management, and Vedad Konjic, who without hesitation assumed those responsibilities following Mr. Maloney’s and Ms. Johnson’s retirement, and;</p><p>WHEREAS: Dr. Lisa Doberteen’s expertise and leadership were also key in advising Mr. Maloney and Superintendents Kenneth Salim and  Victoria Greer and facilitating the safe return of students to in-person learning, and;</p><p>WHEREAS: The school nurses, who, after being deployed throughout Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) in direct Covid care, returned to school as some of the first people in the buildings in the fall of 2020 and along with their regular school health duties, executed a testing program which was undoubtedly the best and most comprehensive in the Commonwealth, and be it;</p><p>RESOLVED: That the Cambridge School Committee go on record honoring and appreciating and expressing gratitude to all of those who served on the Health & Safety Working Group, Dr. Joseph Allan, Mr. James Maloney, Dr. Dobberteen, and now, therefore, be it;</p><p>RESOLVED: That a formal copy of this resolution be prepared by the Executive Secretary to the</p><p>School Committee and be forwarded to the members of the Health, Safety, and Facilities Working Group, and to Mr. James Maloney, Dr. Dobberteen, and Dr. Joseph Allen.</p>

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06/20/2023 Adopted

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