<p>WHEREAS: The School Committee was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Roderick L. Jackson on December 6, 2023; and </p> <p>WHEREAS: Roderick L. Jackson, affectionately known as "Kito," was born on October 8, 1987, and raised in Cambridge; and </p> <p>WHEREAS: Roderick Jackson had exceptional athletic talent, especially as a football player for Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, and later on as a basketball player at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and at Framingham State College; and </p> <p>WHEREAS: Roderick Jackson received a bachelor’s degree in business administration; and </p> <p>WHEREAS: He joined National Grid in 2021, where he served with diligence and commitment as a utility worker, contributing significantly to the community's well-being; and </p> <p>WHEREAS: When not indulging his love of sports and spending time with family and friends, Roderick spoiled his beloved dog, Channel, and his love of dogs was one of his many wonderful qualities; and </p> <p>WHEREAS: The love and commitment that Roderick Jackson felt and demonstrated toward his family and his native city, Cambridge, is being reflected back to his Cambridge community by his family with the establishment of the Roderick Jackson Scholarship for graduating students who exemplify his life and his value; and </p> <p>WHEREAS: Roderick L. Jackson leaves behind his mother, Norma Asprilla, his brother Manuel Asprilla, his sister Yanthia Jesus, his grandmother Arua Edwards, and a host of friends who shall forever cherish his memory; now therefore be it </p> <p>RESOLVED: That the School Committee go on record expressing its profound sorrow and extend its heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Roderick L. Jackson for their tremendous loss; and be it further </p> <p>RESOLVED: That the Secretary be and hereby is requested to forward a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution to the family of Roderick L. Jackson on behalf of the entire School Committee. </p>

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12/19/2023 Adopted

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