<p>WHEREAS:<a href="https://doc-0k-a0-apps-viewer.googleusercontent.com/viewer/secure/pdf/9k3koqfroosj2279t147hnvcuqi1j7og/oou069fbuubq2aqakvejuaf4hn9pff7n/1644968550000/gmail/15891792035340043320/ACFrOgAAHV3Tvs9r3409-Hp1JJOprb_1tsKqJCXUHGpSW4CZHCsWGiP99tOa8C-KLqZ1Udu_RezFvphSpQI9RNPXG7eTKhjf36-Bj6NeM_bdhJqJsspJ-Bn6I2mjxN4=?print=true&nonce=t4dsk0ff94j6a&user=15891792035340043320&hash=eu3h3qlmra8bi0vhuenjl3qbtd2a04n4">The Cambridge Public Schools' Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy</a> is due for updating; and<br /><br />WHEREAS: The School Committee will take the time needed to update the policy thoughtfully, and will address issues that require our immediate attention; now therefore be it<br /><br />RESOLVED: That the second paragraph of Section IV Reporting Complaints of Sexual Misconduct be revised effective immediately to read, "Employees and students and/or their parents/guardians/caregivers are strongly encouraged to file a complaint regarding alleged sexual misconduct in order for an expeditious investigation to be conducted unless extenuating circumstances exist. The employee or student and/or their parents/guardians/caregivers shall fill out a Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Formal Grievance Form that will include, without limitation, the name of the individual, the basis for the alleged complaint, and the corrective action that the employee or student is seeking.”</p>

School Committee Actions

Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
02/15/2022 Adopted

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