<p>Curriculum & Achievement Sub-Committee Motion with respect to outdoor dining for in-person learners</p> <p>Whereas CPSD has begun in-person learning for some scholars and Whereas the CPSD Safety and Facilities manual states in section C14 that "Students will eat outdoors or inside their classroom with at least 6 feet of social distancing maintained,” and</p> <p>Whereas eating lunch requires mask removal, and the science indicates that gathering outdoors is safer than gathering indoors with regard to risk of COVID-19 transmission and</p> <p>Whereas bringing a classroom of children safely outside to eat lunch involves many logistical hurdles including maintaining distance from other classes, having a location to go with appropriate seating, ensuring children have clothing appropriate for the weather, and other factors, therefore</p> <p>Be it resolved that the Superintendent will assess how many times each in-person classroom has eaten lunch outside over the 7 in-person days from October 13th through Friday October 23rd and ask the teachers and principals what if any obstacles they face to eating outside and</p> <p>Be it resolved that the Superintendent will report back to the School Committee and/or the Curriculum and Instruction Subcommittee by Friday October 30th with that information and</p> <p>Be it resolved that the Health and Safety Working Group and the Building and Grounds Subcommittee will review the recommendation that section C14 of the Safety and Facilities manual be revised to recommend or require eating outside whenever possible. (FF 10-20-2020)</p>

School Committee Actions

Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
10/20/2020 Referred to Subcommittee
11/17/2020 Adopted
08/03/2021 Adopted
08/03/2021 Adopted
08/20/2021 Adopted
08/31/2021 Adopted
09/15/2021 Adopted
09/21/2021 Adopted as Amended
10/05/2021 Adopted

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