<p>Whereas the Cambridge Public School District works to create a school climate that fosters respect and collaboration with community members and residents that live adjacent to CPSD facilities, and</p> <p>Whereas there have been multiple reports of incidents at various levels within CPSD regarding challenging interactions between some Cambridge Rindge & Latin School students and abutters, and</p> <p>Whereas CPSD leaders need to collaborate with community members and city staff to find solutions to issues that involve CPSD students that impact the broader community,</p> <p>Therefore be it resolved that CPSD and CRLS staff hold a meeting with CRLS abutters and city staff to address ongoing issues involving CRLS students and abutters,</p> <p>Be it further resolved that CPSD and CRLS leadership provide a report to the School Committee outlining a plan that will address these issues by April 30, 2019, as well as provide ongoing updates on the plan of action to the School Climate Sub-Committee to ensure progress is being made toward the goals identified to resolve these current issues. (1/21/20 Bowman)</p>

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01/21/2021 Placed on the Calendar

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