<p>WHEREAS: Dr. Carolyn L. Turk is retiring as Deputy Superintendent following 46 years of service to the Cambridge Public Schools (CPS); and </p><p> WHEREAS: Dr. Turk was always supported by her loving parents in all her endeavors. After many years,her mother, a beloved teacher, retired from the Boston Public School System. Her father, a dedicatedpostal carrier, became a United States Postal Service Retiree; and</p><p>WHEREAS: Dr. Carolyn L. Turk is a lifelong Cantabrigian who was educated in the Cambridge Public Schools, attended the Russell Elementary School and then the Tobin, graduated in 1973 from Cambridge High and Latin School, and earned her Bachelor's degree in Early Education from Boston State College, her master's degree in Education and Instructional Technology from Fitchburg State University and her doctorate in Educational Leadership, Management and Policy from Seton Hall University; and </p><p>WHEREAS: Dr. Carolyn L. Turk began her career with Cambridge Public Schools in 1977, when she started as an Extended Term Substitute which led to her becoming a full-time teacher at the Tobin later that year; and </p><p>WHEREAS: Dr. Carolyn L. Turk continued to excel and gain experience within the Cambridge Public Schools serving as Acting Assistant Principal at the Tobin in 1991, Assistant Principal at the Tobin in 1992; Acting Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction in 1998, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction in 1999, and finally, the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning in 2002, a role in which she served tremendously for twenty-one years; and </p><p> WHEREAS: Dr. Carolyn L. Turk has led with integrity, and brought a wealth of experience from her many years working in the Cambridge Public Schools serving as Acting Superintendent twice in 2003 and 2007; and  </p><p>WHEREAS: Tens of thousands of Cambridge students have benefited from Dr. Turk's multiple roles as a CPSD educator and administrator including her positions as a teacher and assistant principal at the Tobin School, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, and Deputy Superintendent. Her impact is immeasurable; and </p><p>WHEREAS: Dr. Carolyn L. Turk's leadership, and her commitment to inclusive process and collaboration, was instrumental in spearheading the district's 2011 Innovation Agenda which restructured Cambridge's K-8 schools into elementary and upper schools; and </p><p>WHEREAS: Many CPSD educators and administrators have sought out Dr. Turk's sage advice, steadfast mentorship, and unwavering support during their careers; and </p><p>WHEREAS:  Dr. Carolyn L. Turk has consistently prioritized and centered the needs of CPSD students, exemplified through her voice and actions. Her support of CPSD students also extended well beyond the classroom including her enthusiastic participation in sporting events, plays, art openings, and other extracurricular activities; and </p><p>WHEREAS:  During an unprecedented time of a global pandemic, Dr. Turk led the district's COVID-19 response strategy with steady leadership, a collaborative spirit, and a calm demeanor.  She assisted the Chief Operating Officer and Facilities department by leading the district's COVID response efforts including leading the community-collaborated Health & Safety Working Group, stepping into the role of Interim Chief Operating Officer in 2021; and </p><p>WHEREAS: Always keeping Cambridge students at the forefront, she did not hesitate to return to the classroom substitute classroom teacher during that time; and </p><p>WHEREAS: A lifelong Girl Scout and educator, Dr. Carolyn L. Turk was recognized as a recipient of the <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm9ZfdFClLI" target="_blank">Chamber of Commerce 2019 Inspire Award</a>, which recognizes the commitment and contributions of outstanding women leaders in the Cambridge community;  and  </p><p>WHEREAS: Dr. Carolyn L. Turk’s heart envelops not only the Cambridge Public Schools, but also the many new Americans she has guided in citizenship classes; and </p><p>WHEREAS: Dr. Carolyn L. Turk has been a key contributor to the transformation of the district over the past four decades and will be greatly missed; now therefore, be it</p><p>RESOLVED: That the Cambridge School Committee go on record thanking Deputy Superintendent Dr. Carolyn L. Turk for her 46 years of service to the Cambridge Public Schools and lifelong dedication to the City of Cambridge, and for her wisdom, light, compassion, and dedication to the children, families, and educators of the Cambridge community; and be it further</p><p>RESOLVED: That the Cambridge School Committee wishes Dr. Carolyn L. Turk many years of Fair Winds and Following Seas; and be it further</p><p>RESOLVED: That a formal copy of this Resolution be prepared by the Executive Secretary to the School Committee to be presented to Dr. Carolyn L. Turk.</p>

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10/17/2023 Adopted

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