<p>WHEREAS: The Cambridge Public Schools Pathways for Paraprofessionals program, which was launched in Fall of 2020, has released a mid-program report, citing a successful first year and high interest from the Cambridge community; and</p> <p>WHEREAS: For most paraprofessionals, graduate programs are out of reach due to the costs and time, and the Pathways for Paraprofessionals program was started to help address that dilemma; and</p> <p>WHEREAS: The program is structured so paraprofessionals can receive a master's degree and initial license for only the cost of course fees and materials, and the mid-program review included a report from faculty that the majority of students are engaged and enthusiastic; and</p> <p>WHEREAS: The paraprofessionals in this program will be able to move into lead teacher positions across the district upon completion, increasing their earning potential as a result of furthering their education; and</p> <p>WHEREAS: The goals of this program align with the goals of the School Committee and the District, and will help to diversify CPS staff and support community members from whom the traditional path to teaching is unattainable due to external forces; and</p> <p>WHEREAS:The initial cohort was capped at 20, and given the success and interest in Cambridge, a second cohort should be considered; now, therefore, be it</p> <p>RESOLVED: That the Superintendent report back to the School Committee on the feasibility of a second cohort.</p>

School Committee Actions

Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
03/01/2022 Adopted

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