WHEREAS: It has come to the attention of the Cambridge School Committee that on Wednesday, June 22, 2022; the Cambridge Public Schools and Cambridge Education Association will hold a Retirement Celebration; and

WHEREAS: The following educators and staff members will be honored: Aishah Abduel-Musa-Fletcher-Maynard Academy, Diane Abu-Eid-Morse School, Michael Ananis-RSTA, Emily Antonitus-Baldwin School, Christina Astrove-Graham & Parks School, Bentman-CRLS, Margaret Beucler-Homebase Program, Julia Bishop-Morse, Joel Burke-CRLS, Carolyn Callendar-Haggerty School, Juan Casillas-Alvarez-CRLS, Helen Chaisson- Tobin School, Lynn Chester-Vassal Lane Upper School, Linda Costa-Baldwin School, Marie Crowley-School Administration, Mildred Crowley-Morse, Claire Dahill-Graham and Parks School, Lorraine Davis-CRLS, Cheryl DePasquale-Graham and Parks School, Isabel Eccles-Morse School, Suzanne Farman-Haggerty School, Judith Farr-Morse School, Diane Francis-Hassett-Haggerty School, Catherine Gerson-Tobin School, Angela Green-School Administration, William Hansis-School Administration, Robin Harris-School Admin., Adrian Hebard-Fletcher-Maynard Academy, Jennifer Hogue-CRLS, Blondine Hyppolite-School Administration, Claudie Jean-Baptiste-Graham & Parks School, Kathleen Johnson-Tobin School, Leslie Jordan-Tobin School, Marie Klein-Tobin School, Leslie Kramer-Haggerty School, Mary-Claire Krebs-Rindge Avenue Upper School, Archy LaSalle-CRLS, Denise Lee-CRLS, Karen Leighton-CRLS, Jane Lindhorst-Haggerty School, Mary Ann Londino-Peabody School, Leslie Loomis-Putnam Avenue Upper School, James Maloney-School Administration, Amatul Mahmud-School Administration, Katherine Mahoney-CRLS, Beth Mayhew-Kennedy-Longfellow School, Jennifer McConnell-CRLS, Susan-Ann McGlennon-Graham & Parks School, Constance McGrath-School Administration, Carolann Nowlan-Fletcher-Maynard School, Gail Nunes-Cambridgeport School, Regina Ota-Rindge Avenue Upper School, Barbara Photopoulos-Peabody School, Debra Pierce-Peabody School, Luisa Raposo-King Open School, David Richardson-Putnam Avenue Upper School, Donna Richardson-CRLS, Denise Rivera-Tobin School, Mary Schaffner-School Administration, Lisa Serio-Vienneau-CRLS, Catherine Serrano-Peabody School, Zuwei Shi-CRLS, Elizabeth Smith MacKenzie-Morse School, Kim Sneed-Johnson-King Open School, Elizabeth Snell-Fraser-Fletcher-Maynard School, Debra Sousa-Peabody School, Donna Sousa-CRLS, Jean Spera-School Administration, Debra Stewart-Vassal Lane Upper School, Laura Sylvan-Vassal Lane Upper School, Catherine Thomas, CRLS, Mary Shinkwin-CRLS, Briget Evans-HSEP, Janice Tingle-School Administration, Ann Viaud-Vassal Lane Upper School, Ricardo Weir-Morse School and Janet Williams-Amigos; now therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Members of the Cambridge School Committee extend our sincere appreciation for the many years of service to the children of Cambridge and extend its best wishes on their Retirement from the Cambridge Public Schools; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Executive Secretary prepare a formal copy of this resolution to be presented on June 22, 2022 Retirement Celebration at the Le Méridien Hotel, Anderson Roof Garden, Sydney Street, Cambridge.

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06/07/2022 Adopted

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