<p>WHEREAS: Given the shortage of teachers supporting our Bilingual Immersion Programs and School; and</p><p>WHEREAS: Given that two of the main constraints in recruiting bilingual teachers are having the appropriate visa to work in the US and having the appropriate licensure to teach in Massachusetts; and</p><p>WHEREAS: Given that there are many qualified teachers with licensure to teach in other states or countries, for whom the Bilingual Immersion Programs and School need to request waivers and show they are the best candidate over other Massachusetts licensed candidates; and</p><p>WHEREAS: Given the barriers faced by teachers of historically disadvantaged communities to obtain licensures in Massachusetts, like cost, number of exams, and a complicated process for even native English-speaking teachers and even more complicated for a non-native English-speaking teacher,</p><p>WHEREAS: Given that the district does not have or retain an immigration lawyer that can facilitate the visa applications; now therefore be it</p><p>ORDERED: That the district provide an updated personnel practice that details the kind of recruitment and support for visas for non-citizens and non-permanent residents and for Massachusetts teaching licensures for otherwise qualified candidates to ensure our Bilingual Immersion Programs and School are fully staffed.</p>

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06/07/2022 Adopted
06/07/2022 Adopted

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