<p>WHEREAS: The Cambridge Election Commission needs to hold special elections in December and January around a vacated state senate seat, in addition to the already scheduled municipal elections, and</p> <p>WHEREAS The Cambridge Election Commission continues to face challenges securing election-compliant polling places, now therefore be it</p> <p>RESOLVED: That the Cambridge School Committee allow the Cambridge Election Commission to use the Martin Luther King and the Morse school for the special election, following the same health & safety protocols used in the municipal elections, and be it further</p> <p>RESOLVED: That the School Committee will request a roundtable discussion with the City Council and the Cambridge Election Commission to discuss the challenges of using school buildings as polling sites and what other options are available for the Election Commission</p>

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Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
10/19/2021 Adopted

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