WHEREAS: On August 14, 2021 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the south-western coast of Haiti causing large scale damage across the country’s southern peninsula; and
WHEREAS: On August 16, 2021 Haiti experienced a direct hit from Tropical Storm Grace causing extensive flooding and hundreds of landslides; and
WHEREAS: Cambridge Public Schools is home to a large Haitian community; and
WHEREAS: Cambridge Public Schools recognizes the distress of our families with ties to Haiti find themselves in at the current time; and
WHEREAS: The rescue, recovery and rebuilding of the island will be a long process, that will require sustained support in the years to come; now therefore be it
RESOLVED: That the Cambridge School Committee and Cambridge Public Schools go on record expressing sympathy for the suffering of the people of Haiti: and be it further
RESOLVED: The School Committee reaffirms our support and solidarity for Cambridge Public School students and families who have family and friends impacted by the recent Earthquake and Tropical Storm in Haiti; and be it further
RESOLVED: That the Executive Secretary to the School Committee be and hereby is requested to forward a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution in Haitian Creole and English, to Haitian families with the Cambridge Public Schools on behalf of the entire Cambridge School Committee.

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Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
09/21/2021 Adopted

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