<p>Whereas, the Cambridge Public School District is committed to providing families with information that will promote increased family engagement; and </p> <p>Whereas, engaging families as a partner with a formal, ongoing feedback mechanism that creates differentiated opportunities for family voice and engagement is a crucial component of the 2017 - 2020 District Plan; therefore Be it resolved that the Committee directs the Superintendent to create a Parent University whereby the school department organizes and provides relevant information/courses to parents to allow all parents to become partners in the education of their children. Be it further </p> <p>Resolved that the School department works with the two newly created parent engagement leaders and parent liaisons in this work.</p>

School Committee Actions

Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
06/02/2020 Referred to Subcommittee
09/15/2020 Placed on File
09/15/2020 Removed from Awaiting Reports

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