<p>Whereas Na Jae Josephs of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin Learning Community R Class of 2018 passed away over the weekend of November 7, 2020; and </p> <p>Whereas Na Jae was a creative and intelligent student that was very involved in co-curricular activities during his time at CRLS; and </p> <p>Whereas Na Jae was particularly active in VPA department opportunities, the Modern Dance Company, and the CRLS String Orchestra; and </p> <p>Whereas Na Jae was an avid photographer, actor in Fall Musicals, member of the BSU, athlete on the track team, and a Kimbrough Scholar; and </p> <p>Whereas Na Jae was a kind and caring student who was a friend and confidant to many in our community. Many teachers reflected on his talent and his warm smile. He is loved and will be missed dearly by our community, now therefore be it</p> <p>Resolved that the Cambridge School Committee and Superintendent go on record recognizing the sad loss of Na Jae Josephs; and be it further</p> <p>Resolved that a formal copy of this Resolution be prepared by the Executive Secretary to the School Committee and forwarded to his family.</p>

School Committee Actions

Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
11/17/2020 Adopted

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