<p>Metric 1: Daily reported incidence. Fewer than 25 new cases per day per 100,000 people in Cambridge (7-day average)</p> <p>Metric 2: Test positivity. Less than 5% of COVID-19 tests are positive in Cambridge (7-day average)</p> <p>Metric 3: Wastewater Monitoring. COVID-19 detected at <100 copies of viral genomes/ML from Deer Island/MWRA (discuss switch after 7-day averages of Cambridge data are available)</p> <p>If two metrics exceed the threshold, CPSD switches to full remote learning (same as with prior metrics). <br />Rationale: The shift from wider geographic area to Cambridge-specific metric is justified by the availability of surveillance testing for teachers and staff.</p> <p>Additional Recommendations:</p> <p>Surveillance testing offered to older students when prevalence is high. <br />Rationale: Universities with surveillance testing have been able to effectively control the spread of the virus.</p> <p>In the event of a closure of in-person education due to these metrics being exceeded, schools would remain closed for at least 1 week. In-person education should resume when either one or no metrics are exceeded for 7 consecutive days. <br />Rationale: In person learning can resume when reduced prevalence indicates that it is safe. We are proud that Cambridge is using evidence-based metrics to guide its decisions, and that our city has been responsive to the latest scientific developments.</p> <p>We propose to reevaluate these metrics again in January in the context of new scientific developments, community health updates and new guidance from the district.</p>

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11/05/2020 Placed on the Calendar
11/05/2020 Placed on the Calendar
11/12/2020 Adopted
11/12/2020 Removed from the Calendar

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