<p>Whereas, most public school districts in the United States were founded with white supremacy culture and have alienated scholars and families of color for generations, and; </p> <p>Whereas, Cambridge Public School scholars and families have asked for stronger scholar-student relationships for years and identified the lack of trusting relationships as one of the barriers to racial equity, and; </p> <p>Whereas, the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education has indicated, "Successfully implementing six feet of social distancing will require significantly smaller class sizes and reduced staff-to-student ratios," in the coming school year and we anticipate at least some of the 2020-21 school year instruction to happen remotely, and; </p> <p>Whereas, scholars learn when they are engaged and usually engage when they have trusting relationships with school personnel, and; </p> <p>Whereas, the CPSD administration found data collection across Cambridge Public Schools in spring 2020 difficult because of the variety of data tracking mechanisms, now therefore be it; </p> <p>Resolved that, by July 15th, the Superintendent will develop and share with the School Committee a district-wide plan to track individual, two-way, meaningful non-academic check-ins between scholars, families and school staff at least once per week, and be it further; </p> <p>Resolved that, for at least the first semester of SY2021, schools will report weekly to the Superintendent on the number of students they have not been able to reach, and that the Superintendent will share this data with the School Committee bi-weekly at regular meetings.</p>

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06/16/2020 Referred to Subcommittee

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