<p>Whereas, racism and police brutality continue to terrorize and take innocent Black people's lives amid this COVID-19 crisis that disproportionately hurts the Black community, and; </p> <p>Whereas, the district has committed to actively combating racism at every level, and; </p> <p>Whereas, the nation is overwhelmed with anger and sadness and generational pain, and; </p> <p>Whereas, Black youth must, now more than ever, be embraced, supported, and validated by their community that Black Lives Matter, and; </p> <p>Whereas, the CRLS Black Student Union is requesting that a Black Lives Matter banner be displayed outside their school building as soon as possible, and; </p> <p>Whereas, the School Committee pledges to elevate the voices and ensure the safety of Black youth, now therefore be it; </p> <p>RESOLVED that a Black Lives Matter flag is raised outside the CRLS building before the end of S19-20 and to remain raised for the entire SY20-21, as an act of solidarity.</p>

School Committee Actions

Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
06/02/2020 Adopted as Amended
06/02/2020 Adopted

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