<p>That Whereas the Cambridge Public Schools currently offer three language immersion programs and several elementary school world language programs; and Where there is increasing demand for these programs as well as enrollment challenges related to socioeconomic and language balance; and</p> <p>Whereas the School Committee has not comprehensively discussed issues related to its elementary world language and immersion programs in many years; The School Committee will hold a Roundtable discussion on CPS Elementary Immersion and World Language Programs, which will include but not be limited to the following topics: 1) Language and SES balance in immersion schools and the related lottery formulas; 2) Data from recent years on enrollment and lottery choices in the CPS elementary schools that offer immersion or world language education; 3) Capacity and number of seats and classrooms in the current immersion programs; 4) Equitable access to elementary world language and immersion programs across the 12 elementary schools; 5) JK-12 language pathways for students beginning their language instruction in elementary school and middle school. 6) Language assessment and language proficiency levels attained in CPS immersion and elementary world language programs. This Roundtable will be televised, livestreamed, and video-archived on the School Committee webpage.</p>

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04/02/2019 Referred to Superintendent

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