<p>Whereas the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) recently acknowledged that a racially insensitive question appeared on the 2019 10th grade English Language Arts MCAS exam that called for students to take on the perspective of a racist character after reading passage in Colson Whitehead's <em>The Underground Railroad</em>; and </p> <p>Whereas this highlights the need for inquiry into MCAS test questions creation, review, and approval process as well as the developmental and cultural appropriateness of the MCAS as an effective and unbiased assessment measure; now therefore be it Resolved that the Cambridge School Committee invites representation from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to join them in a Roundtable discussion on the MCAS test including, but not limited to, question creation and approval process, the developmental appropriateness of tests, and the training of the sensitivity and bias committee, as well as additional action steps DESE is taking to safeguard against future errors of racism and bias, and, be it further Resolved, that with the goals of Engagement, Equity and Access in mind, the School Committee direct Administration to include assessment information on the CPS website including a basic overview of Statewide Standardized Tests requirements with a link to DESE that provides DESE's policies and positions.</p>

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05/21/2019 Adopted

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