Whereas, the School Committee is mindful of the importance of providing students with career opportunities and our obligation to do so, and

That School Committee is awaiting a plan to implement order C18-041 (see attached) relative to being transparent about Chapter 74 vocational programs available to students, especially from the Shore Occupational Learning and Vocational Educational Division (SOLVED), and

That, to educate parents and students, the School Committee shall require that the on-going practice of explaining vocational educational opportunities to all eighth-grade classes by our Rindge School of Technical Arts continues, and That an evening parent meeting be held for all eight grade parents for similar purposes of explaining the opportunities of Chapter 74 programs and the rights available for their children to attend high quality vocational education programs available in house, within the SOLVED collaborative and within other vocational schools.

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Action Action Date Reconsidered By Referred to Subcommitee
01/15/2019 Adopted

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