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Held in and broadcast from the Dr. Henrietta S. Attles Meeting Room, Cambridge Rindge, and Latin School, 459 Broadway, Cambridge. To sign up to call in using the ZOOM app on your computer or mobile device: visit www.cpsd.us/school_committee/virtual

Regular Meetings will be live-streamed at www.cpsd.us and broadcast on Cambridge Educational Access TV (CEATV) Channel 98/99, as usual. Motions shown below are updated live as they progress.

From the Office of the Executive Secretary to the School Committee

March 15, 2022 | 06:00 pm

1. Public Comment (3 Minutes):

2. Student School Committee Report:

3. Presentation of the Records for Approval:
  • March 1, 2022 Regular Meeting

4. Reconsiderations:

5. Unfinished Business/Calendar:

6. Awaiting Reports:

7. Superintendent’s Agenda:

7a. Superintendent's Update:
7b. Presentations:

Superintendent's Update: COVID Safety, Health & Facilities Update
Victoria L. Greer, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools
Carolyn L. Turk, Deputy Superintendent

English Language Learner/Bilingual Program Update 
Beth Kershner, Director, Bilingual/ELL Programs

7c. CPS District Plan:


7d. Consent Agenda:
#22-37 Recommendation: Approval of Agreement Regarding Cambridge Education Association E Educational Stipend for School Years 2019-2020 & 2020-2021
#22-38 Recommendation: Day & Residential Program Services not Available from the Cambridge School Department
#22-39 Recommendation: Contract Award: Guaranteed Fresh Produce, Inc. : Fresh Produce
#22-40 Recommendation: Contract Award: The Stepping Stones Group: Special Education Staffing
#22-41 Recommendation: Gifts/Miscellaneous Receipts
#22-42 Recommendation: Contract Award: NCS Pearson, Inc: Assessment Materials & Software-Revised

8. Non-Consent Agenda:

9. School Committee Agenda (Policy Matters/Notifications/Requests for Information):
#22-43 Motion by Special Education & Student Supports Sub-committee: Download Attachment

Report of the March 7, 2022 Special Education and Student Supports Sub-Committee

10. Resolutions:
#22-44 Motion by Member Fantini

WHEREAS: MikeAnanis, Executive Director of RSTA since 2004, will be retiring after eighteen years of exemplary service to our students; and

WHEREAS: Mike's career in education has spanned over fifty-one years in several school districts concluding in Cambridge, the city in which he was born and raised, growing up on Fayette Street and attending Longfellow school when it was a K-8 School and the city where his father also attended Cambridge Public Schools and graduated from Rindge Technical in 1933; and

WHEREAS: Mike is a distinguished graduate of Harvard College, where he was a senior on the undefeated football team thatplayed Yale in 1968 in which Yale was heavily favored to win and led the game 29-13 in the last seconds, Harvard, tied the game scoring 16 points in the final 42 seconds; and

WHEREAS:The Harvard Crimsondeclared victory with the headline, "Harvard Beats Yale 29–29” and this game would come to be known as “the most famous football game in Ivy League history”; and

WHEREAS: Mike was a 3-time All-Ivy and 2-time All-American lacrosse player for Harvard; and

WHEREAS: Mike has actively supported the Rindge Alumni Association, the oldest public-school alumni association in

the United States, by welcoming graduates to RSTA and sharing student accomplishments and awards with the Association, and being named an Honorary Member of the Rindge Tech Class of 1964; andWHEREAS: During his tenure as the Executive Director of RSTA, Mike brought an impressive ability to strategically build community partnerships; and

WHEREAS: Mike has worked tirelessly to implement RSTA's mission and vision, and secured DESE approval of all 12 RSTA Chapter 74 programs, allowing students to explore potential careers and the twelve career pathways for students; and

WHEREAS: Mike has hired excellent staff and supported their development as professional teachers by his supervision and his providing of needed tools and materials to ensure their effective and efficient practice as educators; and

WHEREAS: Mike was instrumental in building not only the Biotechnology program at RSTA, bringing together a Program Advisory Committee with members of the Harvard, MIT, and the Cambridge biotech community, but also every one of the Program Advisory Committees for all 12 Chapter 74 programs whose job it was to support and guide the RSTA staff in keeping both equipment and curriculum up-to-date; and

WHEREAS: Furthermore, Mike played an instrumental role in expanding Cooperative Education and other

workplacelearning activities which connected our students with practical opportunities in their chosen field, especially in

Health Assisting, Carpentry, Engineering, Early Education, and Creative Design; and

WHEREAS: Mike has earned the respect, admiration, and gratitude of so many throughout the Cambridge community and has made a lasting impact on our students by providing them with the knowledge of their chosen field with an emphasis on the development of future-oriented skills; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED: That the School Committee extend its congratulations, thanks, and appreciation to Mike Ananis for his service to Cambridge Public Schools and wish him a joyful retirement; and be it further

RESOLVED: That a formal copy of this Resolution be prepared by the Executive Secretary to the School Committee to be presented to Mike Ananis.

#22-45 Joint Motion by Member Wilson, Mayor Siddiqui, Vice-Chair Rachel, in collaboration with Student Member Killian and Student Member Vera-DeGraff

WHEREAS: The Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS) provides a set of post-secondary scholarships that are open for any student to apply to; and

WHEREAS: There have often been access barriers regarding students' abilities to apply for said scholarships, such as lack of dedicated time, Wi-Fi access, and more; and

WHEREAS: For the past six years, community partners have united to run a scholarship workshop for CRLS seniors to alleviate some of these accessibility barriers; and

WHEREAS: Over fifty students attended the past scholarship workshop, held over the course of five weeks virtually; and

WHEREAS: This year and last year's workshop required extra coordination due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and was presented with all of the complications that come with hosting an event on Zoom; and

WHEREAS: Multiple students were able to explore scholarship options, receive help editing their essays, and successfully submit their applications; now therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Cambridge School Committee and Superintendent go on record extending their deepest gratitude to the community partners who assisted in creating a successful scholarship workshop, including The Work Force Program, EnRoot Education, Cambridge School Volunteers, uAspire, Breakthrough Greater Boston, and The Office of Workforce Development; and be it further

RESOLVED: That a formal copy of this resolution be prepared by the Executive Secretary of the School Committee and be forwarded to each of the community partners listed above.

11. Announcements:

12. Late Orders:

13. Communications and Reports from City Officers:


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