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Held in and broadcast from the Dr. Henrietta S. Attles Meeting Room, Cambridge Rindge, and Latin School, 459 Broadway, Cambridge. To sign up to call in using the ZOOM app on your computer or mobile device: visit www.cpsd.us/school_committee/virtual

Regular Meetings will be live-streamed at www.cpsd.us and broadcast on Cambridge Educational Access TV (CEATV) Channel 98/99, as usual. Motions shown below are updated live as they progress.

From the Office of the Executive Secretary to the School Committee

August 31, 2021 | 05:00 pm

1. Public Comment (3 Minutes):

2. Student School Committee Report:

3. Presentation of the Records for Approval:

4. Reconsiderations:

5. Unfinished Business/Calendar:

6. Awaiting Reports:

7. Superintendent’s Agenda:

7a. Presentations:

7b. CPS District Plan:

7c. Consent Agenda:
#21-265 Recommendation: Recommendation: Approval of the School Committee & CPS Administration to Enter into Impact Bargaining with all CPS Collective Bargaining Units to Implement a Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement
#21-266 Recommendation: Recommendation: Day & Residential Program Services not Available from the Cambridge School Department
#21-267 Recommendation: Contract Award: Research for Better Teaching: Professional Development
#21-268 Recommendation: Contract Award: Savvas Learning Company: Instructional Materials
#21-269 Recommendation: Contract Award: Applied Behavioral Institute: Special Education Services
#21-270 Recommendation: Recommendation: Contract Award: uAspire: Educational Support Services
#21-271 Recommendation: Recommendation: Gifts & Miscellaneous Receipts
#21-272 Recommendation: Recommendation: Grant Award: FY22 Popplestone Foundation (SC22695)

8. Non-Consent Agenda:

9. School Committee Agenda (Policy Matters/Notifications/Requests for Information):

10. Resolutions:

11. Announcements:

12. Late Orders:

13. Communications and Reports from City Officers: None
Updated on 08/26/2021