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The CRLS Mathematics Department offers a wide range of courses for students of different abilities and interests from Algebra I through our Honors and Advanced Placement Calculus courses, Statistics and Computer Science classes. We also offer a variety of electives including Applied Mathematics, Money & Power: Financial Literacy , Trigonometry & Statistics, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The Math Department curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework Incorporating the Common Core Standards for Mathematics. Several years ago CRLS adopted the State of Massachusetts' recommendation that students be required to take and pass four years of mathematics during high school including taking at least one class in their senior year.

Course # Designation Title Credits  
M101A Algebra I A 10 Details
M101B Algebra I B 10 Details
M111 HN Algebra 1 10.0 Details
M121A Geometry A 10 Details
M121B Geometry B 10 Details
M122 HN Geometry 10.0 Details
M201 Algebra 2 10 Details
M211 HN Algebra 2 10 Details
M311 HN Opt Statistics & Trigonometry 10.0 Details
M410 None Pre-Calculus with Quantitative Reasoning Details
M411 HN Pre-Calculus 10.0 Details
M414 Honors Earned Applied Mathematics 10 Details
M415 Honors Earned Introduction to Computer Science 10 Details
M416 AP Computer Science A 10 Details
M419 Math Is What You Make It: Math for Teaching and Social Change 10.0 Details
M420 HN Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 10.0 Details
M425 HN Calculus 10 Details
M435 Money & Power - Financial Literacy 10 Details
M445 HN Multivariable Calculus 10.0 Details
M501 AP Calculus AB 20 Details
M502 AP Calculus BC 20.0 Details
M510 AP Statistics 10 Details

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All CRLS students are expected to engage in critical conversations and evidence-based discussions to solve problems and develop ideas, demonstrating perseverance and accepting mistakes as part of this process; as well they are expected to express their mathematical thinking orally and in writing, with a focus on becoming lifelong problem solvers who

  • collaborate
  • continuously adjust, and
  • adapt to a diverse and ever changing society

Josh Marden
Dean of Math

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