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Early College Program 


With the support of a grant from the State of Massachusetts, the Early College Program is a collaboration between local colleges and universities, and the Cambridge Public Schools. This exciting new partnership that aims to increase college access for CRLS students.


Lesley Early College Program 

This Early College Program will provide students with the assistance needed to be successful in their coursework, utilizing the same academic support and coaching model developed for the undergraduate student body.These supports include

-A full program orientation

-Training on the learning management system used by the college 

-Coaching on connecting to and with faculty, and assistance navigating college life

-Trained tutors will work with students to make sure that they are attending class and completing their assignments

-Workshops on navigating the college classroom, connecting to careers, and mental wellness will be used to enrich the student experience 

-Representatives from across the university will offer assistance and support including advising, career resources, internships, and the center for academic achievement

-Professors will be in constant contact with support personnel to make sure that students do not fall behind in their courses 

-Connection with school personnel will be used to leverage existing relationships and to make more meaningful connections to students and to families

Students who select an Early College class must complete an application and an interview for approval. Not everyone who requests the class will be accepted. 


Ben Franklin Cummings Tech Advance Standing Associates Program (ASAP) 

CRLS is excited to announce an Early College Partnership with Ben Franklin Cummings Tech via their ASAP Program. 


The Advance Standing Associates Program (ASAP) is for juniors and seniors who want to start earning an associate degree while they are still in high school.

Accepted ASAP students receive:


A year of college tuition, fees, and books at no cost to students.

Admission as sophomores to one of our associate or bachelor’s degree programs after graduating from high school. As a result, ASAP students can earn their college degree just one year after their high school diploma and complete their first year of college coursework for free.


Early College Qualifications and Requirements

Students will need to submit:


Our online Early College Application Form

High school transcript

COVID-19 Vaccination card copy


Students must also:

Attend 80-90% of high school classes

Be interested in one of our associate degree or bachelor’s degree programs

Commitment to college transcript


Follow the expectations in the Early College Student Contract


Course # Designation Title Credits  
ZBF00 COL Early College Program - Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology STEM Program 20.0 Details
ZL001 COL Lesley University Design Program 20.0 Details
ZL002 COL Lesley University Essentials of Health 20.0 Details
ZL003 COL Lesley University Social Work Program 20.0 Details

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