ZL001 | COL | Lesley University Design Program

Course Description

The Lesley Early College Design Program comprises the following workshops: Color and Drawing for Communication, Color Theory, Principles of Subtractive and Additive color, and Drawing for Communication.Students will engage in a series of short, accelerated projects for the purpose of visual ideation for communication. Students will earn both CRLS and Lesley University Credit. Lesley Early College courses meet on the Lesley Campus, period 1, and students typically take one course each semester. Some of the Design Program classes that CRLS Students may take are; IDESN 1270 Language of Design IDESN 1300 Design Workshop 1 IDESN 1400 Introduction to Interactivity IDESN 2220 Typography I 

Department: Early College
Grade Level:10, 11, 12
Credits: 20.0
Alternate Credits:
Class Type: Elective
Pre/Co-Requisites: None

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Class of 2024 Course Requesting Begins 2/27/2023 Ends 3/5/23