M410 | None | Pre-Calculus with Quantitative Reasoning

Course Description

Students in this course will study functions including real world situations and how they are modeled algebraically, numerically, and graphically. This course will demonstrate how algebra and geometry can be used to model real-world situations. Students will use conceptual understandings to become critical thinkers when using quantitative information and connections will be made between statistics and everyday life and work. Students will also explore matrices and vectors to define and solve real-world problems. 

Department: Mathematics
Grade Level:11, 12
Alternate Credits:
Class Type: Core Academic
Pre/Co-Requisites: Grade of B or better in Algebra 2 or teacher recommendation. Students may NO LONGER take a placement test to place out of Pre-Calc. They may either 1.) attend an APPROVED summer program and pass it with a B or better or 2.) go through the CRLS math referral process posted on the website.

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Dates & Announcements
Class of 2025 Gr. 11 Course Selection is Monday, February 26, 2024 through Sunday March 3rd