M111 | HN | Algebra 1

Course Description

This course is an accelerated version of Algebra I A and Algebra I B. This advanced course addresses the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Mathematics Incorporating the Common Core Standards for Mathematics. The eight Standards of Mathematical Practice will be addressed throughout the semester as students discuss, among other topics, rational and irrational numbers, writing and interpreting polynomial and rational expressions, creating and reasoning with equations and inequalities, interpreting and building functions including linear, quadratic and exponential models, and summarizing and interpreting statistical and probability data. The course is designed to involve students in active learning, inquiry based problems, and problem solving strategies to build conceptual understanding and to strengthen students' abilities to think, reason, and problem-solve using mathematical understandings and skills.

Department: Mathematics
Grade Level:9
Credits: 10.0
Alternate Credits:
Class Type: Required
Pre/Co-Requisites: One of the following: 1.) Grade of B or better in an 8th grade math course that provided adequate exposure to Algebra 1 curriculum (determined by teacher) 2.) Completion of summer program that provided adequate exposure to Algebra 1 curriculum and a referral to move to honors level

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Class of 2024 Course Requesting Begins 2/27/2023 Ends 3/5/23