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Arabic Club Details

Arabic Club
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Room 1613 - Ibrahim Dagher, Advisor
Mission Statement: The Arabic Club at CRLS welcomes all students to celebrate Arab culture and the Arabic language. It provides its members and the school community the opportunity to enjoy the richness of the Arab World and all it has to offer. <br><br> <strong>Activities:</strong> This is a partial list of activities that club members enjoy, engage in, or are planning for the future: <ul><li>Music</li> <li>Dancing and Dabke (line dance)</li> <li>Food and cooking</li> <li>Calligraphy and other arts</li> <li>Movies and Documentaries</li> <li>Country presentations</li> <li>Chatting in Arabic (not a requirement!)</li> <li>Discussing current affairs</li> <li>Games (Backgammon, Chess, etc.)</li></ul> <strong>Volunteering and fundraising</strong> Special Events: Assemblies, world language celebrations, cultural nights, field trips, food sales, invited guests, concerts (haflis), joint events with other clubs, etc.<br><br><strong> Experiences:</strong> Joining the Arabic Club affords you many special and unique opportunities. Among them: <ul><li> Learning about Arab culture and the Arab world and people.</li> <li>Enjoying and learning to prepare foods from various Arab cuisines. </li> <li>Volunteering and engaging in fundraising activities to assist refugees and victims of conflicts in the Arab World and the Middle East.</li> <li>Learning about and enjoying various forms of Arabic artistic expression like dance and calligraphy.</li> <li>Enjoying Arabic music and films.</li> <li>Watching Arab country presentations prepared by members.</li> <li>Preparing and presenting on issues or countries during club meetings, if you feel up to it.</li> <li>Collaborating with other clubs for enhanced experiences and mutual learning. For example, henna with the Henna Club, games with the Chess Club, aid to children with the UNICEF club, just to name a few.</li> <li>Having the opportunity to learn about and discuss happenings around the Arab world especially with regards to young people.</li></ul>

Meeting Date(s): Tuesday