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UNICEF Club Details

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Room 1613 - Ibrahim Dagher, Advisor
<strong>Mission Statement:</strong> The UNICEF Club at CRLS supports UNICEF’s work to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs, and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. By means of fundraising, advocacy, and education, our club is especially committed to aiding the most disadvantaged children - victims of war, disasters, extreme poverty, all forms of violence and exploitation, and those with disabilities. <br><br> <strong>What Is UNICEF?</strong> Established by the United Nations in 1946, UNICEF is the acronym for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. In 1953, the name was changed to the United Nations Children's Fund but the UNICEF brand name had been established and has remained its official name till this day. UNICEF works in about 190 countries providing many types of assistance to children and mothers.<br><br> <strong>Why UNICEF?</strong> Here are just a few reasons: <ul><li>Because by providing health care, nutrition, clean water, education and protection, UNICEF strives to empower all children to improve their lives and their communities while fueling their future.</li> <li>Because its staff are on the ground working undeterred in some of the world’s most challenging conditions to put innovation into action.</li> <li>Because throughout everything, UNICEF continues to engage young people to have a voice and support their peers worldwide.</li></ul> <strong>UNICEF at CRLS:</strong> We are part of UNICEF USA’s network of high school and college clubs. Our club was established in March 2015 after a long period of careful preparations by dozens of CRLS students. Since then, and thanks to passionate and consistent hard work by its committed members, the club has become prominent among other school clubs, raising significant funds and awareness in our school community and beyond. Since its establishment, the club has also participated in every UNICEF USA Annual Summit in Washington, D.C. to network, train, and advocate on behalf of children worldwide at the United States Congress. <br><br> The UNICEF Club is open to all CRLS students and has always enjoyed a large membership from all grade levels and from different socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, ensuring diversity of ideas and equal opportunity to serve and participate. Among many other activities, the club regularly engages in the following: <ul><li> The annual Trick or Treat for UNICEF campaign.</li> <li>The Head of the Charles fundraiser.</li> <li>Workshops for middle school students and presentations at international nights at elementary schools.</li> <li>The UNICEF USA Student Summit in Washington, D.C. and Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.</li></ul> It is truly heartening to witness club members hard at work raising thousands of dollars each year mostly in change and small bills. At the UNICEF Club, members learn quickly the value of a penny when it comes to aiding a peer living under challenging circumstances. <br><br> Be a global citizen right here at CRLS. Put your passion, energy, and creativity into good use, working with one of the most recognized and trustworthy relief and development organizations around the world. You will make a tangible difference in the lives of children, the well being of our planet, and the happiness of future generations. It is fulfilling work that you will enjoy and that will make you forever proud.

Meeting Date(s): Tuesday